Toucan success story

Erfolgsgeschichte Toucan

At Mampe we love “crazy ideas”, and so the idea from brothers Jan and Rick Polman was a perfect fit for Mampe. In the midst of the gin and tonic hype, Jan and Rick Polman, van der Valk's fourth generation, came up with the idea of ​​producing a gin with ingredients that, like the toucan itself, have become a well-known van der Valk trademark: applesauce with cherry. Van der Valk’s house dessert.

Van der Valk Hotels & Restaurants is the largest hotel chain in the Netherlands. With your location in Berlin/Brandenburg, there was immediately a hotel bar where the Toucan Gin could be served. It took several attempts until we found the perfect distillate. It has developed into a high-quality product with its own character, which perfectly reflects the characteristics of the house dessert. 

Admittedly, distilling applesauce is a huge mess and, in plain English, a real mess. But the result is simply worth it. Idea originator Jan Polman says: "The end result makes us proud! In our Havana bar in the Hotel Berlin-Brandenburg, guests have been enjoying the Toucan Gin for some time and the reactions have been super positive! From this summer, our famous dish will be available in this new, special form Served as a drink in most Van der Valk hotels. Have fun!"

The Toucan has now become so established that visitors from the Netherlands come to Mampe's factory and ask about the special gin.

We recommend the gin neat or with a dry tonic to best bring out the fine applesauce aromas. 

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