Lufthansa Cocktail - An aviation classic

Lufthansa Cocktail - Ein Klassiker der Luftfahrt

Tomato juice tastes better in the air. Ever heard of it? It's the same with cocktails. And Mampe had already figured this out in 1955, when the Lufthansa Cocktail (prod. by Carl Mampe AG) was served on every first class flight. 

When flying was still something very special in 1955, flying in first class was only for the upper echelons of society, which is why the Lufthansa Cocktail was considered very exclusive. It came pre-mixed in a glass bottle shaped like a cocktail shaker. Premixed cocktails had the great advantage of being more space-saving but also more consistent in quality. The fruity drink was then simply poured with sparkling wine and served at the table. 

Word of the drink spread quickly and demand for it was so great that the Lufthansa Cocktail was available in retail stores from the early 1960s. The drink was brought to the people with the slogan “Happy floating above everyday life” and quickly became a trendy drink. Either pure, on ice, or infused with sparkling wine. The main thing is that it is well chilled.

The success lasted for a little more than 10 years until traveling by plane became a mass phenomenon and the Lufthansa cocktail lost its luster as a drink for the “rich and famous”. Nevertheless, the Lufthansa Cocktail has found its place in Germany's aviation history as a cult drink. 

And to preserve the tradition, Mampe serves the Flieger Cocktail . Best enjoyed infused with sparkling wine or champagne. But can also be enjoyed as a long drink: good whole ice cubes in the long drink glass, 3 cl aviator cocktail and 15 cl pink grapefruit lemonade. Finally garnish with fresh mint.


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