It was nice, dear Schlütti! Between popcorn, cotton candy and marshmallows

Schön war’s, liebe Schlütti! Zwischen Popcorn, Zuckerwatte und Marshmallows

Popcorn, cotton candy and marshmallow in a pack of three. These are the Schlütti's that we developed together with @justineschlue and with which we brought the fair feeling into the bottle in 2021.

@justineschlue and her community can be found on Instagram, where she offers her followers visual inspiration for fashion and lifestyle as a content creator. She lives and loves life, likes to party, loves fairs and has always wanted to have her own schnapps. We made this dream come true for her at Mampe.

It should be its own schnapps. Preferably something with vodka, but not quite as strong. This is how we started looking for ideas. In further conversations with stories about their first parties, sneaking out and getting drunk for the first time, the topic of fairs and fairs came up suspiciously often, so the first idea came up.

We made the decision together relatively early in the discussions that Justine's followers should also be involved in the decision-making process. How do you do this during a pandemic in which travel is not allowed or is severely restricted? Exactly! With an Instagram live stream.

In total, almost 50,000 people watched various sample tastings in two Instagram live streams. We then selected bottles and found names. The name “Schlütti's” was also a suggestion from the community, but Schusstine or Schlütti's Schlückchen also made it onto the shortlist.

Before the live streams, there were of course a lot of mind games in the background. This also included initial product development and work on label design. We had various feedback loops, sent mood boards back and forth and decided on a delicate bottle with a simple design. The fair in a bottle was available to buy in a bundle of three to take home.

After 48 hours all the bottles were gone and there was a huge outcry. “When will Schlütti’s be available again?!”. you asked hundreds of people. The feedback was also outstanding. People especially liked the Schlütti popcorn. In the end, no bottle was left standing. We at Mampe then overturned the entire production plan and immediately followed up. The second edition after 4 weeks also went very similarly and everything was sold out after a weekend. With similarly good feedback.

We really had a lot of fun together in 2021: From our development to the feedback from Justine's community - you just have taste!

Since then, we just couldn't keep our hands off popcorn and have developed something new here. Our production manager, Danny, has revolutionized the popcorn liqueur again, it is now more than perfect: it is stunning. Just see for yourself!

From now on you can get popcorn again at Mampe! In a fresh design:


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