Which tonic water goes with which gin: The little Mampe guide

Welches Tonic Water zu welchem Gin passt: Der kleine Mampe Guide

Gin in all flavors. But which tonic water goes best with it? The Guide to Tonic Water.

The gin and tonic: THE drink of recent years. As a perfect after-work drink, aperitif before dinner, drink in the bar,  or simply as the perfect complement to a Netflix evening in your pajamas.

There are few occasions when a classic gin and tonic is not the right drink. In recent years we have experienced different phases of the so-called 'Gin Renaissance': from the most exotic botanicals, to different production methods, to storage in barrels. But why is nobody talking about tonics? After all, they make up more than half of gin and tonics. The silent hero, the 'Gin Renaissance'. Maybe it's time we took a closer look at the topic of tonics.

Tonic: the story

For anyone who doesn't know tonic water (were you fibbing and you're not even over 18?), tonic water is a bitter soft drink that is usually mixed with gin, but is sometimes drunk straight. The bitter taste comes from the main ingredient: quinine.

Quinine originally comes from South America and can be obtained from the bark of the cinchona tree. The Incas used to use quinine to reduce fever and cure malaria. Spanish travelers brought quinine to Europe a short time later. It didn't take long until the medicine was known in Europe, so the British military also used quinine to cure fevers. A guarantor for the British East India Company. 

But no soldier could consume the quinine powder like that. That's why they mixed it with water, sugar, lime, and of course: gin! The gin and tonic was born.

Does the tonic brand matter?

Simply answered: yes! Anyone who thinks that their hangover comes from alcohol is only partially correct. The sugar content of a drink plays a big role in headaches the day after. That's why gin and tonic connoisseurs often choose premium brands that use natural sweeteners instead of fructose syrup.

The main thing is a good gin

Premium tonic water has a pleasant bitter note, has less sugar and therefore (bonus!) fewer calories. This allows your gin to really develop its aromas. No matter what great gin you bought, if you save on the tonic, you won't be able to get past the juniper note.

So why is it important to buy the right filler?

The right tonic water allows your gin to reveal its flavors without covering them up.

Which tonic water to go with which gin?

Finally - the question of questions. With the entire selection of gins available on the market, we give tips based on our gins.

Berlin Dry Gin

Taste: classic, juniper-heavy with citrus notes

Perfect Match: Indian Tonic from e.g. Thomas Henry (yellow) or Schweppes (yellow)

Ku'Damm 15 Gin

Taste: classic spicy, juniper, coriander, cardamom & citrus

Perfect Match: Fever Tree Mediterranean.

Kreuzberg 61 Gin

Taste: New Western Style, fruity, floral: currant, peppermint, rose hip

Perfect Match: Dry Tonic e.g. from Thomas Henry (gray) or Schweppes (gray)


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