Deerland x Mampe Tea Gin

Mampe and Deerland Tea have teamed up for an extraordinary project: the creation of a unique tea gin. This partnership combines Mampe's exceptional spirits with Deerland Tea's carefully crafted specialty teas, setting new standards in taste and innovation.

In a unique collaboration that blends tradition and expertise, Mampe and Deerland Tea have joined forces to create an extraordinary line of tea gins. Mampe, renowned for their craftsmanship and exceptional spirits since 1831, partners with Deerland Tea, a team of esteemed tea artisans and researchers from Taiwan Formosa.

Contents: Set of 3 consisting of:
Iron Godess (0.1L vol. 40%)
Oriental Beauty (0.1L vol. 40%)
Jinxuan (0.1L vol. 40%)

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Tea gin made for you.

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regional und lokal
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Only gin. With the Deerland Tea Gin.

In recent years, the popularity of flavored gins has soared, captivating the palates of gin enthusiasts and cocktail connoisseurs alike. These uniquely crafted spirits have breathed new life into the traditional gin experience, introducing various flavors that harmonize with the botanical essence.

Among the diverse range of flavored gins, one standout variation has emerged as an enticing option for those seeking a refined and innovative drinking experience: Tea-Gin.

Distinguished from other Tea-Gin blends that tend to accentuate a particular tea note, the Tea-Gins artfully crafted by Deerland Tea and Mampe aspire to achieve a harmonious equilibrium between the true essence of juniper and the distinctive qualities of three exquisite specialty teas sourced from Taiwan. These refined libations delicately balance the authentic juniper taste with the inherent elegance of the teas, offering a captivating sensory experience.

About the Tea in the Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea Gin
Crafted by a renowned Taiwanese tea-making family known for their exceptional Oriental Beauty tea in the TaoWu region, this brew embodies their traditions and meticulous crafting techniques, resulting in a tea with a distinctive character. The aged Oriental Beauty showcases a captivating blend of moderate to high oxidation and a subtle infusion of Muscat notes influenced by tea jassid. It adds to its allure as a testament to the artistry of tea aging.
Delighting the palate, this tea captivates with its enchanting essence of longan nectar and smoked plum notes. Meticulously crafted with utmost craftsmanship and utilizing the esteemed QingXinDaPang cultivar, renowned for creating classic Oriental Beauty since the 19th century, its flavors gracefully develop through patient aging, revealing intricate layers and a velvety smoothness. A must-try for connoisseurs of fine-aged teas, it offers an enlightening and delightful exploration of the art of tea aging.

About the Tea in the JinXuan Light Oxidized Oolong Tea-Gin
This finely crafted Oolong undergoes a gentle oxidation process in the DingHu region of Mt. ALi (ALiShan), evoking a profound sense of grace and charm. The iconic JinXuan cultivar imparts a lingering fragrance, reaffirming the well-deserved moniker of "Milky Oolong." When savored, the tea liquor gracefully envelops the palate with a creamy smoothness, free from bitterness. Delicate notes gently unfurl, interweaving a tapestry of milk, nori, and pineapple scents, harmonizing into an enchanting symphony of flavors.

About the Tea in the Iron Goddess Oolong Tea Gin
This exquisite charcoal-roasted Iron Goddess Oolong, discovered in Taiwan, exemplifies the remarkable transformation and expanded flavor profile that high-quality Iron Goddess Oolong can undergo. Crafted using the orthodox MuZha style procedure infused with Taiwanese tea processing techniques, it perfectly harmonizes tradition and innovation.

Charcoal roasting, a pinnacle of knowledge-intensive artistry in Taiwanese oolong tea production, requires the utmost skill and precision. Should the roasting process be excessive, the tea leaves may become carbonized, resulting in an inability to expand even with prolonged steeping and an unpleasant, smoky, bitter taste. Thus, the creation of a masterfully roasted oolong lies solely in the hands of the tea roaster, demonstrating their expertise.

To fully appreciate the nuances of a well-made heavily roasted oolong, storing it in a clay tea container for a minimum of six months, allowing the pungent notes from the intense roasting to mellow through daily oxidization gradually. It is common for connoisseurs to store such teas for years or even decades, patiently awaiting the perfect moment of indulgence. The ideal brewing time begins in Spring 2023 for this particular batch, promising a unique tea-drinking experience. "

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biologischer und geschmackvollster Wildwuchs


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