Sauern mit Persico (Sour with Persico)

A classic that was already produced around 1870 in almost all Berlin distilleries. A regional organic fine distillate from wheat, with a perfect combination of sour cherry, apricot and bitter almond. Persico is a popular and aromatic Berlin liquor from sun-ripened sour cherries.

Bottle 0,5l (24% vol.)

From our view is this tasty liquor a shot, that should be consumed at room temperature. It is also goes well with a prosecco or fizzy wine to make as a nice "Welcome Drink". Whoever wants to make it complex, then we suggest the "Persico Flip". Needed is 4 cl of Sauern mit Persico, 1 cl sugar syrup, 2 cl cream, 1 egg yolk and two ice cubes. The preparation: place all ingredients in the shaker and shake firmly. Pour the Flip slowly into a champagne flute or a tumbler. Garnish with a slice of lemon.

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Flasche 0,5l (24% vol.)

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Only Persico. With Mampe Sauern with Persico.

A classic that was already being produced in almost all Berlin distilleries around 1870. Regional fine distillate from wheat, plus a perfect mixture of sour cherries, apricots and bitter almonds.

This liqueur is also a shot that is drunk without chilling. But it also goes very well with a Prosecco or sparkling wine to make a nice welcome drink. And if you want it to be really complex, we recommend the "Persico Flip". Because he really makes something. You need 4 cl Sauer with Persico, 1 cl sugar syrup, 2 cl cream, 1 egg yolk and 2 ice cubes. Preparation: Shake all the ingredients in the shaker briefly and vigorously. Slowly pour the flip into a champagne flute or tumbler. Decorate with a lemon wedge.

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fruchtige Kirschfrüchte


süß-aromatisches Rosengewächs


bittersüße Note passt zu saurem Geschmack

Customer Reviews

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Absolut lecker

Wer Marzipan mag wird das Tröpfchen lieben. Macht süchtig.

Johanna Greischberger
alles bestens

Ich bestelle bestimmt wieder

Alexander Wernz
Sauer mit Persico


Gut und lecker

Was soll ich schreiben, selbst probieren und sich den 5 Sternen anschließen. Einfach nur lecker.

Jessica Branecki
Alles super

Endlich Sauerkirsch mit Persico gefunden. Eine Erinnerung aus vergangenen Tagen wird für meine Freundin wahr. Ihre Großmutter hat ihn immer getrunken und das wird das perfekte Geburtstagsgeschenk


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