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Alkoholfrei? Jetzt auch mit 100-Jähriger Geschichte Hier Bestellen

"Lets be beGin"

No spirit is experiencing such a renaissance as gin is. But next is a look at the behind the scenes of our transparent factory, with the most important stories to Berlin's oldest spirit brand. Then our production expert will begin to distill before your eyes - A Berlin Dry Gin which at the end you will be able to try. While the apparatus for distillation is working away the participants will dive into a world of gin. How did the triumph of gin begin, what makes up a bottle of gin and what is the difference between a London Dry and New Western Gin. All of this knowledge is conveyed, during the tasting of very different gins. Subsequently, every participant has the opportunity to put their new knowledge into practice. With a "Gin Compounding" there is the chance to create your own gin with the choice of 20 different distillates. And who's gin appeals to them is able to make a small bottle (0,1l) to take home with them. A Gin Tonic as a farewell with some water and bread just like a typical Berlin light meal are also included in the price. All participants will receive a 10% discount to use in our shop on the day.


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