Which snacks go well with gin and tonic?

Welche Snacks passen zu Gin Tonic?

The gin and tonic has been booming for years, and every year people wonder when the trend will be over. However, there is no end in sight! The slightly bitter long drink can be varied in a variety of ways, whether with deco's, different gins or even a wide variety of tonics! Today, however, in the spirit of food pairing, we want to provide a few ideas for snacks that perfectly complement your gin and tonic on the table. Especially if it doesn't stick with you, you should eat something in between.

The world of gin is very broad. Any botanical imaginable can be a flavoring of gin besides juniper. So of course it depends a bit on which gin you drink. Of course, the basic rule is “whatever tastes good is allowed”. So just test our ideas and tell us what you like best with a gin and tonic naked.


Part of the whole gin and tonic trend are the beautiful pictures of perfectly decorated and photographed long drinks with a wide variety of berries in them. It's no wonder that the beautiful different colors have found their way into the gin and tonic. Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, currants - take your pick. Almost all berries are a great addition to your fresh gin and tonic.

The sweetness of the berry offers a great counterpart to the bitter quinine note of the tonic and the dominant juniper note of the gin. So if you're looking for a healthy snack for your gin and tonic evening, grab the berries of your choice. Grapes also serve this purpose.


It's not for nothing that you find nuts on the menu in every bar. The fatty, salty and nutty taste goes well with almost any alcohol. The Gin and Tonic is not excluded! But nuts are also a great pairing with beer, wine, whiskey or liqueurs!

Peanuts, macadamia, almonds, cashews or hazelnuts. Simply take your favorite nuts and serve them with your gin and tonic. Even if that sounds really simple, it's just a great combination. Having a few gin and tonics while snacking on nuts is extremely satisfying.


The most well-known snack with gin and tonic are olives. These can be offered pure or refined. Olives with chili in particular are a good addition to the gin and tonic range. But pickled tomatoes or peppers can also be a good addition to a Mediterranean-spicy gin.


Due to the spicy notes in many gins, sausage offers many opportunities to find a perfect match! Sausage is often refined with spices or smoked. These can also be found in gin, so you can find a great pairing with the gin and tonic. For all vegetarians, we recommend cheese instead.


Sounds weird? But it also fits well. Cheeses with a strong taste, perhaps even seasoned with herbs, can make a great side dish. Combined with a few crackers you have the perfect combination of creamy, fatty and salty that will satisfy your cravings while drinking a gin and tonic.

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