The little elephant family

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The cult objects among collectors and enthusiasts: the Mampe elephants!
- 4 elephants in a set,
- each on a tear-resistant black cord,

- in four colors in a practical organza bag,
- 100% Made in Berlin.

As a keychain, earring or as an ornament for the dog collar, the pram, the briefcase or the refrigerator door at home. The Mampe elephants are always part of it! Normally the elephants only hang on our Mampe bottles - now they are available exclusively and only for a short time in our online shop.

Each color represents one of our Mampe products in the bottle with the elephant's foot:
⚫ black for half+half
🔴 red for Mampe Vodka ⁠ ⁠
white for the Mampe Gin
transparent for the Mampe NullNull

W hy is the elephant dangling from the MAMPE bottle ?
Mampe first sponsored elephants in the Berlin Zoo in the 1920's and then into the 1970's, bearing the company founder's names, i.e. "Carl" and "Mampe". Today you can visit " Carla" in the zoo, who was born in 1974 and came to the Berlin zoo in 1977 when she was about 4 years old. Unfortunately, Carla never had offspring. No longer sponsored by Mampe, but named "Carla" in good naming tradition of the partnership between the zoo and Mampe.

So say hello to "our" Carla from us - you can recognize her by her frizzy hair! Another distinguishing feature: Proud gait with head held high.

Do you want to know why every little elephant dangling from the bottles has been in jail at least once in their elephant life? Then visit our schnapps stories: Here we tell you!

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