Mampe Tonic Tasting

  • Dry Berlin Gin + 4 different tonic water
  • At Gin and Tonic Mampe Gin proves its strength for a really good party with friends
  • Pleasant, not too dominant juniper note, smart citrus note. Fresh and light
  • Lies delicately in the mouth. The finish is short and quick
  • Highest quality, 100% regional and local


  • Mampe Gin (0.7 l, 40%vol)
  • 4 different tonic water (0.2l)

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Flasche 0,7l (40% vol.)

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Gin made for you.

eine Marke mit Geschichte.
Mampe ist für alle da!
Qualität Mampe
qualitativ, nachhaltig,
regional und lokal
Kein Schleppen mehr!
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Only gin. With Mampe Berlin Dry Gin.

Dry Berlin Gin. Distilled with passion. Light spice meets mild softness.

A good gin and tonic is not only dependent on the gin in question. Our Mampe Gin offers the perfect basis for extracting the last nuance of taste intensity with the right tonic water. There is no prescribed gin and tonic water combination, you decide which tonic water goes best with your gin!

We distill the best ingredients.
For the best taste.


biologischer und geschmackvollster Wildwuchs


als einzigartiges Aroma für Gin-Herstellung


Schale, Saft und Öle werden bei der Alkoholherstellung verwendet


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