Bittere Tropfen (Bitter Drops)

After the original recipe from 1831 was made, this bitters is the original product of Mampe and proves that bitters can be excellent. A refined and smooth wheat distillate with extracts from herbs and spices.

Bottle 0,5l (45% vol.)

There is no two ways about it. Drink only as a shot. Place the shot glasses in the freezer for two hours in order for the "Bittere Tropfen" to cool down nicely to appreciate the flavour to the full extent. However, the Bittere Tropfen (Bitter Drops) is certainly suited as an excellent substitute for Angostura Bitters to flavour and mix.

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Flasche 0,5l (45% vol.)

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eine Marke mit Geschichte.
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Just bitter. With the bitter drops.

Made according to the original recipe from 1831, this bitter is the original product of MAMPE and proves that bitter can be great. Fine wheat distillate with extracts of valuable herbs and roots.

There are no two opinions here. Only drunk as a shot. Place the shot glasses in the freezer for 2 hours to enjoy the "bitter drops" well chilled and still with the full aroma. However, the "bitter drops" are excellent as a substitute for Angostura bitters for seasoning and mixing.

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For the best taste.

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Bittere Tropfen

Sehr lecker!!! Kann man weiterempfehlen 😎

Meinhard Burgstaller
Einfach genießen

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