Sauern mit Persico (Sour with Persico)

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A classic that was already produced around 1870 in almost all Berlin distilleries. A regional organic fine distillate from wheat, with a perfect combination of sour cherry, apricot and bitter almond. Persico is a popular and aromatic Berlin liquor from sun-ripened sour cherries.

Bottle 0,5l (24% vol.)

From our view is this tasty liquor a shot, that should be consumed at room temperature. It is also goes well with a prosecco or fizzy wine to make as a nice "Welcome Drink". Whoever wants to make it complex, then we suggest the "Persico Flip". Needed is 4 cl of Sauern mit Persico, 1 cl sugar syrup, 2 cl cream, 1 egg yolk and two ice cubes. The preparation: place all ingredients in the shaker and shake firmly. Pour the Flip slowly into a champagne flute or a tumbler. Garnish with a slice of lemon.

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