More than 100 years ago in the imperial era, was "green peppermint" in the Mampe programme. A subtle wheat distillate from the region combined with selected mint oils and carefully macerated vanilla.

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Our view is that the liquor is a shot which should be consumed at room temperature. But here is also a tasty recipe for you. Next, 4 nicely sized ice cubes in a long drink glass, 4cl Mampe peppermint liquor, and pour in naturally cloudy fizzy apple juice. Garnish with a mint leaf and a thin slice of apple.

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Just pepper. With peppermint from Mampe.

In the imperial era more than 100 years ago as "green peppermint" in the MAMPE program. A fine wheat distillate from the region combined with selected mint oils and carefully macerated vanilla.

Originally, the liqueur is a shot that is drunk without chilling. But it also convinces in a long drink. Here we have a delicious recipe for you. First, put 4 good whole ice cubes in a long drink glass, add 4 cl MAMPES peppermint liqueur, pour in a naturally cloudy apple spritzer and decorate with a sprig of fresh mint and a few thin apple wedges.

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Inbegriff für überwältigende Frische


natürliches süßes Aphrodisiakum

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Apfelschorle und Likör

Wir sind begeistert. Aufgrund des Rezeptes haben wir den Likör bestellt. Tolle Idee und geschmacklich fantastisch.


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